TERRA Introduces Premium Certified Organic Biodegradable Baby Wipes from New Zealand to India

TERRA Introduces Premium Certified Organic Biodegradable Baby Wipes from New Zealand to India

 Mumbai: TERRA, a leading premium eco-conscious and organic personal care products manufacturing major, has announced its debut in the Indian market following the overwhelming success of their revolutionary Organic Biodegradable Baby Wipes in the USA and their home market – New Zealand. Made with pure New Zealand waters, these wipes are thoughtfully designed to be safe for faces, skin, and mouths, catering to the needs of newborns and individuals of all ages.

The exquisite range of biodegradable baby wipes by TERRA are manufactured in New Zealand and directly imported to India. With the assurance of invaluable certifications, TERRA proudly presents the most accredited eco wipes made with pure New Zealand waters, with raw materials and products rigorously tested or certified by reputable organizations like SGS, FSC, Dermatest, Intertek, and the prestigious New Zealand FernMark. The certifications guarantee TERRA products for using Food grade ink on all TERRA products and packaging; Bamboo cloth sourced from responsibly managed forests; products ideal for all skin types; and that the products are free from latex, lotion, fragrance, and harsh chemicals. These certifications are a testament to TERRA’s firm commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.

Following a successful launch in the United States and an overwhelming response in its home market of New Zealand, TERRA is excited to extend its presence to India. The journey has been shaped by a deep-rooted commitment to environmental consciousness and the well-being of infants and our planet. TERRA’s manufacturing process incorporates cutting-edge technology while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and uncompromised quality. TERRA wipes are not just 100% biodegradable; they also break down 10 times faster than regular wipes, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for a cleaner planet.

The range of offerings includes TERRA Manuka Honey Baby Wipes, TERRA Kiwifruit Baby Wipes, TERRA Pure Water Baby Wipes, and TERRA Makeup Remover. Each product is created using natural, plant-based/ organic ingredients, all certified safe and responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide.

To make the products easily accessible, TERRA is available on prominent marketplaces, including First Cry, Amazon, and their official website. TERRA is committed to offering a premium brand experience to Indian parents, providing products that are not only safe for their cherished little ones but also eco-friendly and globally certified.

Speaking about the development, Tapasya Sharma, TERRA, said, “Following our home market – New Zealand and then the USA, our entry into the vast Indian market is a significant milestone for us, and we are excited to introduce our range of premium biodegradable baby wipes to Indian parents. We aim to provide a choice that parents can make without hesitation, knowing that they are opting for products that are not only safe for their babies but also eco-friendly. We look forward to becoming a trusted brand in the Indian market, offering safe, toxin-free, and internationally certified products.”

TERRA is more than just a brand; it’s a commitment to sustainable living and a better future for generations to come. Proudly endorsing the concept of conscious living and taking significant strides to reduce the environmental footprint, TERRA ensures that their manufacturing processes prioritize renewable energy sources, and that they actively minimize waste through recycling initiatives and charitable donations to local community groups and charities.

Source: TERRA Introduces Premium Certified Organic Biodegradable Baby Wipes from New Zealand to India | APN News

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