Are Wipes Good for Babies?

Are Wipes Good for Babies?

Have you ever wondered if wipes are okay for newborns? It's important to know whether or not it's safe to use wipes on a newborn before you go ahead and use them—because some wipes contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions for some babies with sensitive skin! many doctors recommend playing it safe and waiting until your baby's at least 1 month old. But don't worry because there's no need to throw away your wipes just yet.

TERRA Premium, eco & biodegradable baby wipes are even safe to use on newborn baby skin. Dermatologically tested & highly certified premium baby wipes made with only bamboo & natural ingredients.

Why use baby wipes?
Wipes are an essential part of your baby's hygiene routine. You want to make sure they're clean, soft, and completely germy-cleaned without damaging their skin.

We all know baby wipes are the essential item to have in your diaper bag and diaper bag first-aid kit. But besides that, there's more to these handy little products than just their use for cleaning up baby messes. In fact, parents often rely on them for other important purposes. For example, when wiping with a clean wipe is not enough to get rid of all of the get go spot germs or when your babies start becoming potty trained, it is recommendable to use patent-infused waterless wash right after putting on new diaper.

Wipes are great. They provide a quick and easy way to clean your baby when they need it the most (after a change, poop, an accident or in between bath times). Wipes can even help parents with diaper changes, since they're great for getting rid of any dried up mess that might be covering baby's face.

The good news is that there are two things you can do to make your choice easier: read the label and ask questions before buying!


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